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Hammerli Xesse Sport

'Sports Fun' was the motto behind the development of the x-esse pistol. Popular for its dynamic design, attractive pricing, and compact sizing, the x-esse is also a pro variant when it comes to precision.

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Walther GSP Expert .22 Right, M-Grip with .32 Conversion Kit

The world's most popular sport pistol, always a leader owing to advanced technology. Reliable performance thanks to improved barrel geometry and a vibration-absorbing sleeve. Sights are positioned closer to the wrist, which reduces aiming errors.

We have : 1 1 Nos in stock.
Beretta S686 12 Bore Silver Pigeon Trap Shotgun

The Silver Pigeon I Sporting offers all the functional features of our premium over-under-competition shotguns at a particularly attractive price. It is built around the best-in-class 686 action, which is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong. The Optima-Bore and Optima-Choke barrels are lightweight and place the shotgun’s point of balance right at the hinge pin, meaning a lively feel in the hands and natural aiming. With its select-walnut stock and tasteful scroll engraving, the Silver Pigeon I Sporting won’t fail to turn heads at the range, also thanks to its unmistakable Beretta looks.

We have : 1 1 Nos in stock.


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