Civilian Rifle Training for certification of Arms Licence

As per the new rule the CRT (Civilian Rifle Training) has been made mandatory for all those applying for an arms Licence. To accommodate this, T.K.R.A. offers the CRT program for civilians who have applied for an Arms Licence. At the end of the course, a certificate acknowledging successful completion of the CRT course is awarded. This certificate can be used to further the Arms Licence process.

Competition Training

Members training at the T.K.R.A. Shooting Range has benefited from one of India`s best ranges. Practice sessions held every weekend, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM, have helped many shooters over the past decade in improving their scores, meeting members of the National Squad, and preparing for National level championships.

Presently we train shooters for competitions in the following Categories:

Open Sight - Open Sight is considered as per the National Rule, and is applicable for Small Bore Rifles, Small Bore Pistols, Air Rifles, and Air Pistols.

Peep Sight - Peep Sight is the standard for ISSF International Matches, applicable for Small Bore Rifles, Pistols, Air Rifles, and Air pistols.

We presently have a set of weapons that we allot to shooters who are members. On practice day, shooters can notify the Range Officer and the Armourer, and use these weapons for practice. We also have a ration of ammunition (both Indian and Imported), which can be bought from the armory, along with target sheets. Empty cases or unused live ammunition must be handed over back to the armory after the practice session

Training facilities

We provide training for 

12 Bore O/U Shotgun

.22 Open Sight Prone

.22 Open Sight 3 Position

.22 Peep Sight Prone

.22 Peep Sight Prone 3 Position

.177 Air Rifle

.177 Air Pistol

.22 Standard Pistol

.22 Rapid Fire Pistol

.22 Sports Pistol

.22 Free Pistol (50M)

.32 Center Fire Pistol

Weapon Training Center

We have a scheme for the training of Security Personnel, specially designed to train them in the proper usage of weapons. Experienced and trained personnel oversee every individual aspect in ensuring that the best Weapon training is made available. We also ensure that individual attention to every trainee is provided.

Weapons and Ammunition

Ever since its inception, the Sports Authority of India has supported the association by lending Arms and supply of Ammunition for our shooters` practice and competition. We are also procuring high-quality International standard ammunition from the N.R.A.I. Exchange with other K.S.R.A. members, visiting National Team members, and others will benefit from knowing more about the latest trends in Shooting Sports.


Working hours: 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

Off days: Monday & Tuesday.