Where is the Location of The Kottayam Rifle Association ?


TKRA's current office is in the city itself. 

Affiliated to Kerala State Rifle Association
(Regd. No. K-179/88)
No. XLIV/463, Malayalam Hire Purchase & Leasing (P),
Behind Malayalam Fuels,
Rotary Centre Road,Kodimatha,
Kottayam -686 039, Kerala, INDIA
Office Phone: +91 8281944377
Email : kottayamrifleassociation@gmail.com

What are the procedures to join TKRA ?


The procedure to join the T.K.R.A. is as follows:

The applicant is to give copies of the following:

Passport size photos - 4 nos. (Out of this 2 will have to be affixed on each of the Application Forms and the other 2 photos are for office use)

Attested copy of the age proof – 2 copies.

Attested copy of any two address proofs – 2 copies each. (Voters ID, Passport, Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card)

Attested copies of existing Gun licenses – 2 copies of each.

Membership ID cards of other Associations or Clubs – 2 copies each.

Junior Members (ages above 18 to 21) and Youth Members (ages above 12 to 18) will be admitted only on getting a certificate from the Head of the Institute regarding their character and antecedents. Their membership is for 3 years and is subject to renewal. They have no voting rights.


The application along with the required fees should be submitted to the Secretary. Applications that are complete in all respect will be placed before the succeeding Executive Committee meeting for approval. On approval, one set of the application will be kept in the Office of the Association and the other one will be forwarded to the Chief of Police, Kottayam, through the applicant for Police Verification.

Is there any minimum Age to join The Kottayam Rifle Association ?


All persons under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver of liability signed by the shooter's parent or legal guardian. Under the watchful eye of an adult, The Kottayam Rifle Association allows shooters of 8 years of age and older.

What are the fee structures ?



Membership Fees
Sl No Type Fees in INR
1 Patron Membership 50,000/-
2 Life Membership 30,000/-
3 Ordinary Membership 10,000/-
4 Spouce and Children 50% of Life Membership Fees



Working hours: 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

Off days: Monday & Tuesday.